Primary School Stories

Teachers from two Nottingham primary schools, Dunkirk and Mellers, worked with artists and university educators to devise a water curriculum.

For example they:

  • did science experiments to explore the properties of water
  • learnt how a steam engine works
  • looked at the ways in which their school pond changed over the seasons
  • discovered what life was like before water was pumped to their city
  • investigated the kinds of diseases associated with poor sanitation and lack of fresh drinking water
  • found out about pumping, gravity and the pipes that carry water to their homes and school
  • experienced what it was like to carry water long distances
  • encountered people in Sudan and Jamaica whose water supply is directly dependent on rain and rivers
  • wrote poems, songs and persuasive texts about water
  • made sculptures and installations about water
  • crafted their own water deity


University of Nottingham

School of Education, Jubilee Campus, Wollaton Road, Nottingham, NG8 1BB



Ashley Smart, Museum Director

Pat Thomson, University of Nottingham



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