The Research Team

This is an action research project.

This practice relies on continued documentation and reflection. We have regularly documented the individual school projects in both writing and through film and photographs. Teachers, artists and university staff involved in each school have met regularly. The entire project has also met four times each year to discuss progress and plans. We have also had a PhD intern working on the project interviewing teachers.

Teachers: Marie Gallagher (Dunkirk), Jackie Dickenson and David Shuttleworth (Mellers), Jo Cooper (Bramcote), Sophie Jenkins (Rushcliffe). Teachers worked with a class for at least one term each year on the water curriculum.

The artists: Peter Rumney, Grahame Forde, Chris Lewis-Jones, Usha Mahenthiralingam, Nettie Scriven, has coordinated the project and made sure that there were regular meetings, the budget is managed, and that activities are in keeping with the project aims.

The university team: Professor Pat Thomson; Associate Professor Andy Townsend, Mary Biddulph, Gary Mills and Natasa Lackovic. Academic staff provided additional disciplinary information, pedagogical and research support. Dr Brett Bligh made the website.

Museum Director Ashley Smart coordinated visits to Papplewick. Papplewick volunteers ensured that the Station was in steam when students visited.


University of Nottingham

School of Education, Jubilee Campus, Wollaton Road, Nottingham, NG8 1BB



Ashley Smart, Museum Director

Pat Thomson, University of Nottingham



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